Golf has a deserved reputation for being expensive sport. I say deserved, because there is no shortage of golfers showing off their luxurious golf clubs that probably cost more than some people make in a whole month. To average golfer, that might seem classy, but we won’t be discussing whether it actually is or not. What we will actually get into, is answering this question : are expensive golf clubs worth the money? Do they perform accordingly to their price, or are they just glorified versions of normal golf clubs?

If you are familiar with economics, you have probably heard of diminishing marginal returns. I think that perfectly describes the situation here. Affordable golf clubs, like Callaway Strata Ultimate set, are the best value golf clubs one can buy right now. As this GolfClubsGuru overview can attest, they are worth every penny. But as golf clubs get more and more expensive, returns of spending more money on a golf club steadily decline. For example, spending extra 100$ on a golf club that costs under five hundred dollars is very effective, but spending the same amount on golf clubs that cost over thousand dollars, makes almost no difference at all.

To say that in other words, at some point, spending extra on golf clubs becomes utterly meaningless in terms of results. From a rational standpoint, you shouldn’t spend more than five hundred dollars on a single golf club, regardless of it’s type Clubs that are more expensive than that are more of a status symbols rather than actual, functional golf clubs. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get the most out of your money, stick with golf clubs that are well-rated and affordable. Those will prove to be the best value down the road.

As mentioned before, the best option for getting most out of your money is buying golf club set. Brands usually benefit more by selling lots of clubs as a bundle, so they are going to price them more competitively to encourage people into buying. That works well for both of them and is one of the rare win-win situations i know of. Buying club sets also saves you a lot of time and headache. Personally, i like the idea of choosing golf clubs separately, because you get to personalize your golf club set to your needs, but i think that advantage is negated by cost and time savings of buying golf clubs as a bundle.

Another great way to make golf somewhat cheaper is by buying golf club sets that are barely used. These clubs are effectively just like new ones, but they cost half or even less. One can get great deals on used golf clubs if one knows where to look. I think the best marketplaces for those types of clubs are eBay and craigslist, but there are some caveats and you must know what to look for in order to succeed.