To anyone who cares to pay attention, the fact that hybrid golf clubs are so popular shouldn’t be surprising. They are incredibly easy to use on the golf course in many different situations. For example, many golfers use hybrids to get out of roughs and fairway bunkers. Previously, you had to use either long irons or fairway woods to get out of these tough situations, both of which, especially the long iron, weren’t up to the task. Hybrids, on the other hand, are versatile and can be used to get out of the troubled spots on the golf course. I think that’s exactly why they have been enjoying such popularity ever since their introduction in early two thousands. Beginners are especially fond of them, but lately, professionals have started to use them as well. Thus, we can easily assume that hybrid clubs will be especially useful for intermediate golfers. For more information about that, check out this GolfClubsGuru guide.

            If I had to think of one sole reason for why hybrids are so popular among beginners, it would be that hybrids are very easy to hit. They have the best features of both, irons and fairway woods. When making hybrids, the biggest problem TaylorMade wanted to tackle was difficulty of hitting long irons. That’s why decided to make club head larger than usual, more like the heads of 3-woods. They also transferred weight to lower parts of the club head in order to shift center of gravity, which itself was a major improvement and one of the many reasons for hybrids’ success. These and many more subtle design tweaks created basis for hybrid golf clubs and have remained the same even as the years passed. Other manufacturers soon started jumping on hybrid golf club train and adding features of their own, but in my opinion, TaylorMade still remains the best hybrid club maker to this day. The changes outlined above made hybrids much easier to hit for beginners. Because of altered center of gravity, shots were launching much higher than ever and they were flying straighter, while covering longer distances. This is what every beginner golfer dreams of, which is exactly why I think hybrids are made precisely for beginners. Beginners should start off with hybrids instead of irons and once they gain experience and improve their swing, they can always go back to using long irons, if they deem so necessary. Long irons aren’t without advantages of their own. On a good terrain, when used by experienced golfer who knows what he or she is doing, long irons can give remarkable results as well. The sad part is, golf is unpredictable and you rarely end up in these perfect situations. So if you insist on using long irons at some point, I would recommend using hybrids for now until you get better , and at the same time, relentlessly training in golf and attending lessons to improve your game to get maximum results. For casual golfers like myself, hybrids are more than enough.