Me and my wife play golf quite a lot, and people are often surprised to find out that we are married with kids. They do have a reason to be surprised though – because it’s rare to find couple who have similar hobbies. I’ve seen too many girls pretend that they like playing video games, or that watching their significant other play video games is fun. But for me, it’s been very different. I actually met my wife on the golf course, when she was out on the weekend with her friends. But this shouldn’t be a sign that you should see golf as dating opportunity.

 Now back to me and my wife. Both of us were beginners at golf, and while she definitely had more experience, i turned out to have talent for learning golf and caught up to her pretty quickly. Since then, she hasn’t had much practice, but we do occasionally go out to play 18 holes together. People often see having children as commitment to give up having fun for years to come, but we don’t agree. My wife did raise the kid for first few years, but then we got her into preschool and she’s gone back to work. Whenever we want to go out, we hire high schooler from across the street as sitter and everything works out.

 Last year we had to replace her golf club set. Even though she took very good care of them, her old clubs had rusted and signs of use made them dull looking. My wife insisted that they were just fine to use for one more year or so, but i knew that deep inside she wanted new set, she just didn’t want to spend a lot of money on new set. Fortunately, i was able to hit few pretty important milestones at work, so i got bonus salary, and i knew what to do with it. I did some research, and landed on ultimate set from this tutorial about buying golf clubs for women.  I went ahead and bought her Callaway ultimate set, and waited for her birthday to give it as a gift. Birthday was coming up pretty soon, so i didn’t have to wait for long time.

 At first, she was curious about large gift that i got her. But after unpacking it, i realized how much she actually wanted it. Next weekend, we went out together to try out new clubs in action. And that tutorial was right – Callaway Ultimate set is probably the best women’s club set for that price range.