Callaway and TaylorMade are two of the biggest brands manufacturing and selling golf clubs right now. Some players like Cobra and Cleveland might be competitive in small niche markets such as irons or hybrids, but overall, no other golf club manufacturer can come even close to matching the level of dominance that these two brands exert on the market. So naturally, when golfers try to choose golf clubs for themselves, it usually comes down to choosing between these two brands. In today’s article, i want to talk about women’s golf clubs in particular. What choices do each of these brands offer? What advantages and flaws do they have? These are sorts of questions that i’ll try to answer.

First and obvious choice to discuss when it comes to women’s club sets made by Callaway is the Strata ultimate set. It’s obvious because of the popularity it enjoys among all ages and experience levels of lady golfers. For example, among my friends, whenever someone asks advice on buying solid golf club set as a woman, the first thing everyone recommends is the ultimate callaway strata set. It works perfectly for beginner golfers and experienced ones alike, is priced reasonably and enjoys rave reviews from experts and amateurs alike. Honestly, club set like that sounds like dream come true to any golfer with hint of rational judgement. But we shouldn’t be so quick to declare Callaway the maker of best womens golf clubs. Plus, no matter how much praise the ultimate set gets for high quality materials, it’s still not as expensive as other sets (such as Callaway Solaire Gems), so one way or another, club maker was constricted by budget concerns and avoided using expensive materials, which is often necessary to make brilliant golf club.

Callaway does have its contender in luxury golf club category as well. It’s the solaire gems club set. These clubs are made with precision and game improvement in mind. They are perfectly designed for lady golfers of all experience and don’t seem to have any clearly visible flaws. I’ve seen them on the course myself and the clubs themselves, as well as the bag, look fantastic in real life. Overall, if you’re looking for excellent club set for a women but have tight budget, you should definitely check out Callaway Strata series for women. Those clubs are made of good enough materials and if not help, they at least won’t let you down on the golf course. On the other hand, if your budget is somewhat higher and you’re looking for a great gift for a lady who loves to golf, look no further, because Solaire Gems are definitely the way to go.

For its part, TaylorMade doesn’t really offer any affordable options. The “cheapest” women’s golf club they make costs six hundred dollars, and even that isn’t full set. In spite of that, their Kalea golf club set is definitely one of, if not the best club set for women right now. Golf clubs that make Kalea golf club are extremely forgiving and their immaculate design, along with high end materials and other features, ensure improved results. I won’t get into the details of aforementioned features, but what i can attest to is that TaylorMade r&d team had surely done their due diligence when making these clubs. Online reviews for kalea clubs are rave as well. The look is probably the last thing i look for in golf clubs, but if you’re the kind of person who pays a lot of attention to aesthetics, kalea club set will leave you breathless with its incredibly beautiful design. Unfortunately, this set doesn’t include golf bag, which further underlines it’s high price, even when compared to Solaire Gems by Callaway. Despite that, if you have the means, i’d say Kalea clubs are definitely worth what they cost and maybe even more.